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We specialize in powerful storytelling and compelling content for non-profits and the health care/wellness industries. Our mission is to empower organizations that are making the world a better place.

Our clients are busy people doing big work. 


At Good Cause Creative we specialize in helping non-profits and socially-conscious businesses succeed. We're a collaborative team of creative professionals who love to empower changemakers.


Meet the Team

Pam is a social worker turned freelance writer, with a knack for non-profit storytelling. Jason is a senior level digital marketing expert, whose first language is music. Lucia is a creative web-developer who defies all the stereotypes. Brian keeps our "right-brained" crew on time and in budget.  Lori is a long-time editor with a heart for social good, and Darlene is a social justice advocate who tells a powerful story. Ashley is a fast and talented graphic designer who makes branding look like child's play! 

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What We Do

From professional writing and social media management to communication strategy and website development, Good Cause Creative loves to collaborate with other talented professionals whose skills and expertise complement our own. Our project partners include a diverse team of writers, graphic designers, photographers, digital marketing experts, back end developers, filmmakers, and grant writers. As independent contractors, we love working together to provide flexible, affordable support to your core staff.

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